Different Controller Options from EasySMX You Can Choose

Different Controller Options from EasySMX You Can Choose

It is no wonder if we ask you to stay tuned and welcome a new version of devices and equipment every day. This is because the manufacturers are engaged in a hefty race to meet the market expectations and launch products better than before.

A gaming controller in easy language is a pc game remote control. It helps you experience a thrilled, fun-filled gaming session most conveniently. The available range allows you to choose the one that comes with ease and comfort. For instance, the wireless controller can be operated from quite a considerable distance while sitting on your couch.

Easysmx offers you a wide range of PC controllers, Bluetooth, and others. To know more about them, stay hooked!

Variety Of Controllers from EasySMX to Choose Your Next Game Controller

1. Bluetooth controllers

We can compare Bluetooth controllers more to the horse's reign. How fanciful does it seem to sit on your couch and operate the whole gaming session? This is precisely what a Bluetooth device does. A Bluetooth controller is the best replacement for the cumbersome keyboard or mouse because of its limited or restricted use.

2. Nintendo Switch Controllers

These controllers are the best solutions for pairing up with Nintendo switches through Bluetooth or wireless. To give you a real-life experience and sensation of collision, it is equipped with a built-in asymmetric somatosensory double vibrator. This device is capable of simulating the real feel of collision. It has the remarkable feature of an advanced 6-axis sensor necessary for a precise game. The lithium battery blesses it with enough life to support gaming for 8-10 hours.

The back and rocker mushroom head of the controller are lasers engraved. This promotes prolonged play because the handle, in this case, is super comfortable when held in hand.

Some versions have built-in dual motors that make your gaming session more playful and fun-filled.

3. Wired Controllers

Compatible with operating systems like Windows (input and Dinput), Vista, PS3, Android 4.0, and TV Box, wired controllers are flexible in use. The fantastic features like precise thumb sticks, the 8-way directional pad, and two pressure-point triggers excite the gaming experience and help you stay in control.

The anti-slip design and layout of asymmetrical buttons are the cherry on the top!

4. Wireless PC Controllers

Having a linear triggered button, these controllers help you overcome the problem of the absence of a linear button on the PC side. The joystick and mushroom head of the controller are lasers engraved. The gamepad is user-friendly, so the hands do not sweat and slide. The impeccable 600mAh lithium battery loads it with incredible power, enabling it to work for 15hrs straight without the lights being turned on. With the lights on, the turn-out is for 10hrs.

The turbo functions and motion controls spice up the game even more.


To stay in the market and get the customers hooked, manufacturers' variations in the gaming controllers will leave you amazed. EasySMX is the only solution for you to fulfill your gaming desires. Easy max pops up with the narrative, "you name them, we have it." The controllers are made with high-quality material, distinguishable features, advanced functions, and top-notch expertise.